Sunday, March 20, 2011

annual art retreat

we had our annual art retreat this weekend
and lots of creating was going on
from another amazing assemblage from sidney....

to some fun stuff emily was whipping up, showing off her credit card holders she was making for gifts....

some of carol's amazing ribbon embroidery, her boxes full of wonderful colors we all were drooling over.....

lynn working on some fun stuff, always creating ....

and oh lordy this is fergus, one of kate's little pals. i love him. he is a knitter.

thank you all for attending, we had a great time and some much needed creativity and time together that was needed!


  1. Firgus had fun! He had a rough start on his knitting but figured it out soon enough. He may just turn his project into a washcloth, I don't think he will have the patience to make a full scarf.

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